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 The WaddleVille guide!

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Broly Ss10
Broly Ss10

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PostSubject: The WaddleVille guide!   Fri Jun 27, 2008 10:18 pm

Bumping topics:
Bumping topics means that you've posted on a thread that's at least once month old, just to get your post count up. If it's a reasonable post, that's grave digging. Learn about Grave Digging below.

Grave Digging topics:
Grave digging is bad, but it has good points. If you post on a thread that's a month old, make sure it's a reasonable post, or the thread will be locked and you will get an infraction.

Locking topics:
Locking topics is a tool that staff with forum permissions can use to close a thread, so members can no longer post on it. You will be restricted, and it would say something like: This topic is locked; you cannot edit or reply to this topic.

Moving topics:
Again, moving topics is only available to staff with forum permissions. This allows them to move the topic to a different area, so it's helpful if you post in the wrong section. The feature only appears on the screen of a staff member with the ability to move things.

Merging topics:
Again, merging topics is only available to staff with forum permissions. This allows them to get two topics and put them together. Wow, isn't that something? Sometimes this is used to merge two guides together.

To contribute or donate, you give out something of interest. For example, on forums, it might apply of paying money to get a domain name [.net, .com, .org, .biz, etc.]. Contributions are very interesting, and can lead to good causes.

Smiley Limit:
Don't use more than 4 smilies in one row of the post/topic you create, it's just a smiley. This wastes forum space, which makes forums go into dust. Try avoiding the limit, or an infraction would be added.


Bold: makes text bulky and wider than usual. Ex. Bold text

Italic: makes text move slightly to a right angle. Ex. Italic text

Underline: makes text have a line under it. Ex. Underline text

Italic/bold: makes text bulky and on a right angle. Ex. Bold/italic text

Strike: puts a line through the text. Ex. Line through text.

LAST UPDATE: Saturday 28th June, 2008.

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The Flaming Chao
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The Flaming Chao

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PostSubject: Re: The WaddleVille guide!   Fri Jun 27, 2008 10:31 pm


Nice guide. Wink
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The WaddleVille guide!
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